Slide Blast: A Review

I’ll read this to you! 

Slide Blast is a 2-6 player tile-placement game in which players build an epic waterslide.


To start the game players receive a character card, matching pawn, and one slide tile. The starting tile is placed in the center of the play space and all the pawns are placed on this tile; a couple of special tiles and the bonus tokens are set aside. At the start of their turn players draw a new tile from the stack and then choose which of the two in their hand they will play; the tile must be placed so that it extends the slide the player is riding and if it also extends the slide another player is riding the current players gets a bonus token, which are increasingly valuable the more you collect. A tile cannot be played if it would cause two players to collide or send any player back to the starting tile and sometimes this means that players don’t have any legal moves available. When this happens the player simply discards one of their tiles and takes one of the special tiles that we set aside at the beginning of the game – a Life Guard tile. This special tile, along with a few others, lets a player create a tunnel which transports them from their current location to any other spot on the board (with a few key placement rules). There are two more types of unique tiles, attraction tiles and high speed tiles, which create additional chaos and excitement.


The rulebook is well-written and easy to understand. The components are of excellent quality. I must point out something I found remarkable – this game created so little waste. This is how the game was packaged:20170702_134240

This was every piece of waste:


That’s it. I am used to stacks of cardboard and piles of plastic wrap after unboxing a new game; it was refreshing to see a company mindfully create a game and its packaging.


Slide Blast can be set up and taught in just a few minutes and played in less than a half hour. It supports 2 – 6 players and scales well, but does play differently depending on the player count. With fewer players there is virtually no interaction between players but with more players interaction  becomes inevitable. I personally think the game is more interesting and amusing with more players. Slide Blast is easy to learn and play and is a great game to play casually or with children.


Thanks for reading my review; I hope you enjoyed it! S

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