Game Store Quest!: St. Louis, MO

Hey hey! Geekway to the West just wrapped up (my thoughts on the event can be found HERE) and on my way out of town I stopped in at a few game stores, including Fantasy Shop, Miniature Market, and The Wizard’s Wagon…



A dice display at Fantasy Shop


The person on staff at Fantasy Shop ( was outgoing and knowledgeable and the store was cozy (but not small). As part of the Crank It Up team I was happy to see a good selection of Smash Up games and expansions in stock and prominently displayed.


The Wizard’s Wagon ( was in an eclectic and lively downtown-type area and had some unique items like giant shooter marbles and collectable-style pins, as well as a nice selection of classic board games.


The store I was most excited about and that was most impressive to me was Miniature Market (of fame). The store was not overly large but felt open and well-stocked, with large and wonderful displays of games and INCREDIBLE sales. I picked up two games – Fish Frenzy for $5 and Octopus’ Garden for 80% off – altogether the total was >$13. They also had snacks and drinks, a nice but smaller-than-expected play space, clean bathrooms, and a massive demo library (2,000+ games, according to the sign). If this was my friendly local game store I would be broke.


Thanks for reading my reviews; I hope you enjoyed them!



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