Game Store Quest!: Wilmington, NC

Hey hey. Hurricane Florence swept through the East Coast last month, leaving destruction and devastation in its wake. My husband recently went down to Wilmington, North Carolina to help with cleanup efforts, and after he’d been there for about a week I started to miss him (well, really, I started to miss him about 2 seconds after he left) and decided to visit on his day off. We had brunch, went to the beach, and of course, we visited a game store.


There is only one board game store in Wilmington, but because its this one that’s ok. Cape Fear Games ( is really wonderful and if I had aspirations of owning a store I would want it to be a lot like this one. Its clean, well-lit, and well-stocked; they have an interesting and varied selection of games and gaming accessories. The staff are friendly, engaging, and fun to talk to and the atmosphere is infused with energy and fun.

The play space at Cape Fear is a little small, but it is again, clean and well-lit. One table has some audio/visual equipment set-up over it and, when asked, Micah Lee, Director of Retail Operations, said of the equipment, “We’re working towards having a stream set up for Twitch and/or Facebook Live. Our goal is to have a consistent afternoon stream set up so folks can promote whatever it is they’re playing – wargames, card games, board games, etc.” He added that they are still working out some details and the launch date is still a ways off yet.


Another project in the works for Cape Fear Games is a site expansion and the addition of a board game cafe, currently set to open in 2019. I think maybe I’ll make a return trip when the cafe opens…

The restrooms were the cleanest I’ve ever seen in a game store and I loved this. Clean bathrooms are a really nice thing. Another really nice thing was the fact that this store sells their own pins (I love pins!) and some super cool $5 gift cards that come in the form of high-quality, wickedly cool metal coins.

The incredible level of cleanliness, the friendliness and interest of staff, the great selection of games, and the forward-thinking of management culminate into a great experience that places Cape Fear Games in a top spot of my list of favorite FLGSs (friendly local game stores).

Thanks for reading my review; I hope you enjoyed it!



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