SOCMOM’s Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is Back!

UPDATE (01/06/2019): SOCMOM’s 2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is in the books! Thank you so much for participating; I hope you had as much fun with this as I did! If there was a prize you *really* wanted but didn’t win, reach out! I may have an extra one. I’m excited to keep the momentum that’s built up over the last couple of weeks going – stayed tuned to my website and social media for more fun, games, and giveaways! S

Congratulations to our winners:

Day 1 – limited-edition 7 Wonders promo card (serialized) – Gilbert Anderson

Day 2 – BSieged promo heroes – Toby Pokorney and Richard Trower

Day 3 –  Pinny Arcade exclusive pins -Shai Oren, Danny Dawson, and Chris Bailey

Day 4 –  Potion Explosion Fulminating Potions (8) -Shannon Smith, Jan D’Huyvetter, Andrew Robbins, and Aaron Westerfield

Day 5 – Zombicide minis – Garth Nowlin Jr, Joshua Burall, Clayton Capra, Jamie Specht, Nathan Ware

Day 6 –  Catan resources coasters (set of 6, 1 winner) – Victor Aldridge

AND Vault Wars Dragonkeeper promo cards (6 winners) – Cole Feeser, Benjamin vonBlon,Thomas Darragh, Brian Aldean Rogers, Garth Nowlin Jr, and Ian Diamond

Day 7 – Cry Havoc Secret Objective promo pack – Diana Estrela, William Stimpson, Carey Weaver, Travis Bridges, Lisa Bowman Steenson, Vaughn Mena, and Amanda Lynn Jones

Day 8 – Viral: Vaselitus promo cards (2 – one for you and one for a friend, because that’s how fun and viruses work) – James Burnham, Alex Harding, Oraly Saenz de Spatz, Erik Lundblad, Beth Klaser, Zach Lamm, Joe Mencarini, and Sander Baten

Day 9 –  Colt Express Cursed Loot -Samuel Pletain, Alex Guzman, Michael Pittre, Geoff Murphy, Aaron Westerman, John Andreozzi, Scott Foster, Mikey Flores, and Louis Little

Day 10 – London Dread promos – set of 3: The Sky Is The Limit, Daredevil Pilot, Pilot Gear – Shawn Durington, Bethany Smith Hong, Joshua Bryan, Jim Price, Erin Dunphy Dean, Mark Gavlak, Joe Barlow, Scott Russell Morris, Chris Cantos, and Kassy Keith

Day 11 – Master of Orion Pollution Processor promo card

AND Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Monsters & Mercenaries Ancient Blue Dragon promo cards (5 random winners win both Day 11 prizes) – Yvonne Natacia, Joshyua Ob Dixilis Bommarrito, Matthew Adams, Keith Hall, Maleah Fick, Pat Rurek, Robert T. Hartsell, Dexter M Vorce, Mellissa Melton, Jeff Grant, and David Aca

Day 12 – brand-new, shrink-wrapped games (pictured below) -Eric Shearer, Harry Frank, Kirk Rudzinski, Jetas Ponte, Kimberly Shaver, Richard Keebler, Spencer Harstead, Susan Z. Holton, Jason Mackowiak, Janet Richards Smith, Jesse Valkenaar, and Kevin Berent


Hey hey! Last year I gave away over 75 promo cards/items and games to participants in SOCMOM’s inaugural 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and I can’t wait to do it again this year! Not only will I be giving away promos every day Days 1 – 11, but on Day 12 I’ll be giving away a dozen brand-new games to 12 lucky winners!

For a chance to win simply do any one (or all!) of the following:

  1. “Like” Settler of Catan Mayor of Machi Koro on Facebook
  2. Follow Settler of Catan Mayor of Machi Koro on Twitter and Instagram*
  3. Subscribe to channels Crank It Up and Playthrough Gaming on YouTube*

*Please note, for entries to be complete you must follow me on both Twitter and Insta, or subscribe to both CIU and Playthrough on Youtube. I do not host my own content on YouTube; I co-host CIU and occasionally guest-star in videos on Playthrough, which is a collective of content creators discussing all things board-gaming.

Last year’s 12 Days Giveaway sort of launched SOCMOM on social media and I’ve been learning as I go – thanks for your patience if you’ve been a part of my journey so far. I haven’t updated any form of social media frequently and have straight up ignored some of them; in 2019 I will continue to update at a somewhat leisurely pace (I’m doing this in large part to have fun and don’t want it to become a chore), but am resolving to be more consistent and a little more present on social media and on my website. I’m only explaining this because if you’re new to this incredible adventure you’ll notice I’ve been around for a while, but there isn’t as much to show for it as one might think. If you’ve been with me on the adventure for a little while I wanted to explain the “sudden” uptick in content. Either way, as always, I hope you enjoy it and find it to be informative, helpful, and fun!


The SOCMOM 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway begins ONE WEEK from today, on December 25th. Each day I will announce a number of randomly chosen winners equal to the number of the day we’re on (on Day 1, the 25th, there will be one winner, on Day 5, the 30th, there will be 5 winners, on Day 12, January 5th, there will be 12 winners, and so on). The giveaway is open to international participants. There is no cost to participate. Winners are chosen randomly and you will be notified if you win. Items will be mailed in January, at the end of the giveaway. If chosen, you must respond within 14 days of the day you win in order to claim your item; items not claimed within this timeframe will be forfeited. Please let me know if you have any questions – you can comment on this post, shoot me a message by clicking here, or contact me through any of the aforementioned forms of social media. I sure hope you’ll come along for the ride; its going to be fun!

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