Looking Back on TantrumCon 2019

Hey hey. TantrumCon 2019 wrapped up Sunday and I wanted to get my thoughts on the event written down before they slip away, or get mixed up with my thoughts on Dreamation, which kicks off tomorrow.

This was TantrumCon’s inaugural year (Tantrum House, the media group that put on the convention, had a local game day event at the library last year, but this year they seriously stepped it up and now its a full, 3-day convention) and they did a great job! The family-friendly event was filled with giveaways, tournaments, and, of course, gaming.

This was a small convention; attendance totaled several hundred, with a dozen or so vendors and a few artists in attendance. The game library and play-to-win were nicely sized the play space was adequate. A full slate of events included a regional Catan qualifier, the South Carolina State Championships for 9 games, tournaments, learn-to-plays, raffles and giveaways, gaming with special guests, and live recordings of Tantrum House. Nic and I were hosting the South Carolina State Championships for Double Exposure Envoy.


As the hosts for the South Carolina State Championships we set up and demoed games to participants, oversaw the competitions, and awarded prizes. There are 9 games on Double Exposure’s tournament roster this year – Diamonds, Coup, Nevermore, Wordsy, ICECOOL, Pyramid Poker, New York Slice, Skull King, and Dimension. We fired 7 of the 9 tournaments (Diamonds and Pyramid Poker did not generate enough participation to fire). Pictured below are the 2019 South Carolina State Champions!


These players have earned a spot at the Southeast Regional Championships, which will be held at CharCon, in Charleston, West Virginia, as well as free badges to that convention, copies of the games they won, and trophies.


In addition to hosting the state championships Nic and I got to experience the convention. We demoed and played games; we got to try Fantastic Park, from Blue Orange Games, which I had seen on sale on Miniature Market a while back and was curious about. We demoed Space Park from Key Master Games and liked it so much we bought a copy. We also bought their 2-player game Caper and I am looking forward to trying that one. I knocked a play off of my 5X5 – Nic and I got to play Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig with Kevin Delp of Tantrum House. This was fun and I enjoyed myself, but the game felt rushed and Kevin was distracted and (I think) a little stressed, understandably.


Playing Between Two Castles with Kevin Delp


I also got to meet a few people from some of the demo programs I’m in; this was nice – we see each other’s work and chat online, it was nice to actually get to meet them and to play some games together.

The people at this con were fun, friendly, and engaging; laid-back, relaxed, and having a good time. There were a lot of kids, families. There were some particularly fun and/or unique events, like the Tantrum House Live Recording, which featured a table-flipping competition – competitors (including Derek Funkhouser from the Board Game Spotlight) had to set up a game of Monopoly in 30 seconds and were judged on how well they did. Then another set of competitors (including Marty and Tony from Rolling Dice and Taking Names) were judged on their table-flipping skills when they flipped the tables on which the Monopoly games had been set up. One table actually did a complete 360-degree roll before landing. This was a silly thing, but quite fun to observe. All around TantrumCon was well-run, fun, and relaxed. SOCMOM recommends! More info and future con dates here: http://www.tantrumhouse.com/

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