13254103_178388325892157_5610619018362811825_nHey hey, Sarah Trager here. I’m in love with board games; playing them, teaching them, collecting them. I have hundreds of board and card games in my ever-growing personal collection, ranging from the simple to the complex, reaching back through the years to vintage status and reaching ahead to games that haven’t even hit the market yet. Check out my collection here. While I try to keep this up-to-date, there are always at least a few titles that need to be added or removed from this list.

I am the Tournament Director at Double Exposure (I travel to shows and conventions all over the US hosting board and card game tournaments) and I occasionally work as a professional demonstrator at conventions and game stores . I feel so incredibly blessed that I earn my paycheck doing something I love – (re)introducing people to great games!

I am involved in a couple of projects – I’ve recently launched a new weekly podcast called SOCMOM and Friends. I’m the President of the SOCMOM Promo Club, a send-away service for members to receive board, card, and tabletop game promo cards and items monthly; I am the sole-proprietor of SOCMOM’s Traveling Pin Trading Emporium, a traveling pin-trading circus of fun. Take a look around, there’s some neat stuff here!

I truly hope you enjoy this site and find it to be informative, helpful, and fun!