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As of October 10, 2019 The Board Game Bazaar is canceled. I am so disappointed and saddened by this development. I was co-hosting the event with Triangle Game Night and they have decided to cancel. Because Triangle Game Night was responsible for securing a location, among other things, without their efforts there will not be a Bazaar. Perhaps in the future I can bring about a similar event on my own or with different partners. Thanks for your support. S

Buy/Sell/Trade Your New and Used Board,

Card, and Tabletop Games and Accessories


I am working with Triangle Game Night and other local industry representatives to bring you The Board Game Bazaar, where you’ll be able to buy/sell/trade your new and used board, card, and tabletop games and accessories!


Are you a board game enthusiast with WAAAAY too many games you no longer play? Are you looking to expand your collection by acquiring some new-to-you titles, or freshen it up by trading some old favorites for new ones? The Board Game Bazaar is gonna be an event you’ll love.


On Sunday, January 20th, 2019, Triangle Game Night (the Triangle’s favorite travelling Game Night Group) is teaming up with gaming guru Sarah Trager to host an epic Board Game Bazaar unlike any other. What’s a Bazaar? A Bazaar is a meeting of people who want to buy, sell or trade items – in this case – it’s board, card, and tabletop games and accessories.


The Board Game Bazaar will feature:

  • up to 50 different vendors
  • board and card game tournaments with epic prizes for every participant
  • hobby and industry-centered lectures and seminars
  • a cosplay contest

Triangle Game Night will also be on site with giant games including their new Giant Settlers of Catan!


The Board Game Bazaar is free for attendees. If you wish to sell games and accessories you will need to purchase a vendor space (spaces start at $25). Don’t have a lot of spare change? Worry not , you can always split a spot with your friend and don’t forget that ALL (yes, 100%) of the money you make from the sale of your items is yours! That’s right, we don’t take commission or give you store credit. This gives you cash in hand and allows you to interface directly with the people interested in your games – you’re free to set your own prices, negotiate, trade, or even give away your games and accessories, however you see fit.


Here’s a breakdown of the different vendor options available:


Basic Seller tickets will reserve the seller half of one 8’x30” table, 2 chairs, and access to wi-fi (suitable for credit card transactions, only).


Premium Seller tickets will reserve the seller an entire 8’x30” table, 2 chairs, and access to wi-fi (suitable for credit card transactions, only).


Sponsors receive all premium-level advantages (one 8’x30” table, 2 chairs and access to wi-fi (suitable for credit card transactions, only)), free advertising leading up to the event, free snacks and drinks, and a SOCMOM Promo Club swag bag filled with promotional cards and items for board and card games. Sponsors may provide a banner which will be displayed near the show entrance.  Must provide banner (no larger than 10’ x 3’).


Get your seller tickets here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to buy/trade games. Do I have to pay an entry fee?

Nope! It’s free to attend and purchase/trade games!


Can I share a booth with a friend?

Yes! You can split the booth fee and share a booth with a friend. You must fit your items within the space provided.


Am I limited to just selling games? Can I sell Magic cards, action figures, etc.?

No, you are not limited to just selling games! You can sell board, card, and tabletop games and accessories, geekery, jewelry, comics, action figures…just about anything! There are a few restricted items though and these will not be permitted at the show: weapons of any kind, pornography/pornographic materials, food and drinks. If a vendor chooses to attempt to sell any restricted item that vendor will be asked once to clear out the restricted items. Upon non-compliance vendors and all of their property will be removed from the show and will not be permitted to sell at any future BGBs.


Will you keep any of the profit I make from my sales?

Nope! You pay a one-time fee (see vendor options, above) and then you’re squared with BGB. All sales, trades, and giveaways of your property are solely your responsibility and you receive any and all profits.


I can’t make it to the show but still want to sell my games. Will you do it for me?

Yes! For an additional fee Triangle Game Night will facilitate the sale of your games for you. Email us at for details.


What happens to the stuff I don’t sell? Can I donate it to charity?

Yes! We’ve partnered with Extra Life, a gaming-focused charity that raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network, to create an opportunity for you to donate any items you don’t sell – which means you don’t have to lug them all back home once the event is over! You can find more info on Extra Life here:


Don’t see your question here? Email us at

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