On Air! with Board Game Night!

Hey hey! Earlier this year Nic and I traveled out to Los Angeles, California, to record a few episodes of the YouTube series Board Game Night! with the Board Game Geek crew. We had an incredible time with Lincoln, Nikki, and Dave; it was neat to see the studio, recording was fun, and the BGG crew are so friendly. One of our episodes went live a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you!

I also promised to write a little bit more about this adventure when the videos became available, and I’ll do that now. Nic and I flew out to LA and Lincoln and Nikki picked us up from the airport and put us up for a few days. They were lovely hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. We got to hang out, play games, record several episodes of the show (in their amazing home studio), play pinball, eat great food, and watch movies. Lincoln is a collector and their home is filled to the gills with all sorts of fun including interesting china, geekery, board games, a playing card collection, an authentic, arcade-quality Muensters-themed pinball machine, and an incredible entertainment system that included surround sound and 3D viewing (which was so cool – 3D movies, at home!). Lincoln and Nikki are sweet and kind people and we really enjoyed getting to know them. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and Dave and Nic and I would have enjoyed our time there even if we wouldn’t have gotten to be on the show.

While we were there we toured a few game stores (how could we not?!) – check out this Game Store Quest! if you’d like my thoughts, as well as some pictures and info, on game stores in Glendale and Burbank, CA.

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